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From Finland

Where We Are?

Finland is in northern hemisphere, Skandinavia.

Purest chaga of the world comes here. What makes Finland unique place on Earth is level of pollution. Of all industrial countries here is cleanest air and earth. Pollution, heavy metals like nickel, mercury, lead are easily absorbed by mushrooms and carried into consumers' digestion.

Also Finland is one of less corrupted countries of the world. Honesty is basic principle, how we do things. This leads into fact, that food safety is best in the world. Our officials, who inspect food samples do not take bribes. As a workers, there is professional proudness. If you cannot do your work well, better not to do it at all.

Besides being clean, safe and trustful, our summers are exceptional. Sun actually does not go down at middle summer, and plants get more light compared to any other place on Earth. This leads into fact, that plants grown here are more potential and aromatic than in any other place.

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