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Smooth & Delicious


Just Stir into hot water and enjoy!

Chaga is known one of most potent antioxidant on earth having numerous potential, under study health benefits, like slowing aging process, fighting fatigue and inflammation and boosting immune system.

Chaga powder used is that fine, that you won't feel any disturbing particles. We use finest, twicely extracted chaga powder and water extract. Chaga-Mesis dissolves completely into hot water. Chaga's helpful compounds dissolve with different extracting methods. That way we can offer richest nutrient content in our product. 

Just stir into hot water and enjoy delicious taste of sweet honey and chaga's excellent aroma - smooth & delicious.

Totally Natural, no additives used

Chaga is preserved in 100% natural, finnish RAW honey. Honey itself being antibacterial, it is great for preservation. There is minimal loss of nutrients or potency during storing. 

Chaga has one of the highest ORAC scores of any food. ORAC stands for “oxygen radical absorbent capacity.” It's a lab test that attempts to quantify the "total antioxidant capacity" (TAC). The nice thing about this method is that it measures the antioxidant activity of food. How well sample protects vulnerable molecules from oxidation by the free radicals.

Chaga's ORAC value is 146 700.

For comparison

Curry powder: 48 504

Ginger root (raw): 14 840

Blueberries: 6 554

Garlic (raw): 5 346

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