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Pristine and Pure

At Mesis, our values includes ethics for the land and people. For those, who actually live in rural places. We seek to set example how to diversify livelihood and natural surroundings.


Healthy Chaga

Our Chaga used comes from Finnish Lappland and Siberia. Production is made by innovative, sophisticated techique  to get best Chaga mushroom tea of the market. Major component, twicely extracted chagapowder is 6 times stronger and richer of nutrients than ordinary, non-extracted powder on market. We plan to start cultivate our own Chaga, to diversifive people's livelihood and natural surroundings. 

Natural Honey

Other component is honey. Our organic beekeeping goes through annual quality inspection. Bees make honey from finnish wild plants like wild raspberry, dandelion, willow, clover and lingonberry. Our finnish honey is ORGANIC RAW, always natural, unprocessed, unheated, free of pesticides and antibiotics. Finland is one of most unpolluted places on Earth, and we try to keep it that way. From clean air and earth, well treated bees comes best honey.

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