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Can I take Chaga everyday?

Chaga is commonly safe, powerful superfood and like with everything is recommended to consume in moderation. We encourage bonding, also with own body and it's feedback. Healthy living does not mean obsession of food or drink and exercise, but respect, also your own body. Listen it, and it's feedback. Rejoin-Rejoice.

What adverse effect may occur?

Chaga is usually well tolerated. When overused typical adverse effects are: dizziness, upset. Then follow your body's feedback and have a break of using Chaga.  

I use much medication, should I consult doctor before using Chaga?

Chaga itself have many properties, which may interfere with medical antibiotics, blood thinners and insulin. Overall it is not recommended to use Chaga and antiobiotics same time, and it is best always consult doctor first, when health is at stake. It is not well clinically researched and known, how Chaga effects human body, while laboratory studies show much promising potential on numerous health issues.

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